superman shirt

114west , Montana Style

Michael calls this my “superman shirt” since it looks like a cape behind me when I walk. This top is so much fun to wear, it’s going to be great during the summer with shorts and it was my first choice to wear with these wedges and black skinny pants. I had planned on wearing this outfit to a birthday party this weekend but Montana decided it should be winter a bit longer and snowed! Definitely not prime conditions for wedges, so the next sunny day I put the outfit together again to show all of you! I love this shirt and how it flows down so far in the back. It looked intimidating on the hanger but when I put it on I was excited to see how versatile it is. It is a super comfy sweatshirt material and works best with a looser shirt underneath. Jewelry and shoes are from Target, they have an awesome selection of wedges right now which are a way more comfortable option instead of a heel. Enjoy the blog and leave a comment or like it if you enjoyed it! I love seeing and hearing about who is following!



114west , Montana Style IMG_0912 IMG_0893  IMG_0862 IMG_0842 114west , Montana StyleIMG_0883 114west , Montana Style 114west , Montana Style

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