introducing – Harlow & Lindsey Jane Photography

114west , Montana Style , Courtney Ferda

I had the awesome opportunity this week to do a collaboration with Lindsey  from  Lindsey Jane Photography and Becky Rygg the owner of Harlow. It was such a blast getting together on Wednesday night and having Lindsey take beautiful pictures of us in a few fun outfits from Harlow. These women are so hard working and do so much for our community that it was a blessing for me to get to spend a little time with them. I want to share a little bit about both of them in this blog post and then there will be two more following showing more from our time.

Lindsey is a local photographer who takes the cutest pictures of kids I have ever seen. She does not just stop at catching cute moment with young people but also does weddings, family shoots, and senior pictures. She is shooting a couple friends weddings this summer and I cant wait to see her in action. She has a very colorful and simplistic style, which I really enjoy. She is a sweet woman who gives back generously to our community. I loved the custom photo books she does for weddings and if you are are thinking of getting married, engaged, or whatever – you should look her up and get one of these awesome books!She smiles a lot and makes you feel so comfortable in front of the camera. I really enjoyed hanging out with her and if you need any sort of photography done in whitefish I highly recommend her.

Becky is such a fun woman. She owns one of my favorite little shops in Whitefish called Harlow. Many of you probably have gone to their site because I tend to wear quite a few pieces from the shop. She was raised in Whitefish and came back to open her boutique. It is unique and fun and I love going in there to see what crazy cute outfit she has on. She supplied all the clothes for this shoot and I hope you can at least stop in and say Hi to her. Beware if you do you will definitely walk away with more than a smile, maybe a couple shopping bags full. She does a great job of carrying stuff in every price range which I am really thankful for. She had me laughing so hard during this shoot with her quirky faces and laughter. Thank you Becky for the beautiful clothes and big smile that you put on my face!

I hope you enjoy these pictures! I wore three different outfits for this collaboration and will share more pictures as the week goes on! This outfit is one of my favorites. It is a little different and definitely takes being bold to wear it but it caught my attention when I saw Becky post an instagram on it! It has a print of zebras which makes it totally unique. Click here for the link to the exact jumpsuit if you just have to have it 🙂 which I think you do!

Have a beautiful week, and a blessed day!!!



114west , Montana Style , Courtney Ferda114west , Montana Style , Courtney Ferda114west , Montana Style , Courtney Ferda114west , Montana Style , Courtney Ferda

this is the photo book that I just loved from Lindsey Jane!114west , Montana Style , Courtney Ferda

114west , Montana Style , Courtney Ferda114west , Montana Style , Courtney Ferda114west , Montana Style , Courtney Ferda114west , Montana Style , Courtney Ferda114west , Montana Style , Courtney Ferda




PICTURES BY – Lindsey Jane Photography

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