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Hi everyone! I have been hoping to do a “writing” post for a while. I want to show my lifestyle along with the beautiful clothes that I am blessed to wear allowing you to hopefully get to know me better. I want to share my heart with you and the many things that I am passionate about. I love family, spending time with my parents, brother, cousins and grandparents always brings me so much joy. I love to coach and be apart of athlete’s lives. Helping them succeed and watching them compete and do things they never dreamed they could. I love hanging out with friends and am a big fan of girls nights, whether we are watching bad tv like the bachelor or getting a glass of wine I truly enjoy the relationships with all the amazing women in my life!  I love to volunteer and help people; Young Life and Wyld Life have made Monday nights my favorite. Most of all I love God with my whole heart and find joy in the fact that he loves me more than anything. He loves me when I am doing well and when my life is tough. He loves me when I am smiling and when I am sad. He loves me when I am a pain and when I am easy going. He is one of my passions and today in this post I want to share something with you that I will be working on. And maybe encourage you a bit if you need it.

I was inspired this week by another blog. She is the wife of a pastor here in the valley and she does something every year where she chooses a verse to make her yearly anthem of sorts, studying it and allowing it to grow her. Here is a link to Jennie Lusko’s blog you should definitely check it out. But after reading her post on her 31st birthday and the verse she chose I thought this would be a lovely thing to try in my own life.

I have a great friend in Arkansas who once told me of a verse that forever stuck in my mind. She had mentioned it as a verse to use as a tattoo someday for herself and I have always remembered that verse when I thought of the woman I hope to be. So as I have been studying it today I thought I would share it with you…

Ok…so It is way past my 24th birthday but here is my verse for the rest of my 24th year… 1 Peter 3: 3-4

Don’t be concerned about the outward beauty of fancy hairstyles, expensive jewelry, or beautiful clothes. You should clothe yourselves instead with the beauty that comes from within, the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is so precious to God.

I am a fairly loud person, if you ask my family they would say I talk more than anyone they know (even though I argue that my uncle talks more). That may be why this verse stuck out to me for so many reasons. One is because I started this style blog when I turned 24 and this year has been full of clothes and blogging and picture taking. It is so easy as a girl to get sucked into the world where you forget that it isn’t what you wear or our outward beauty that makes you lovely it is your heart and the beauty that God placed inside you. This verse is a reminder to me that even if my blog flops and no one likes my style 🙂 I am still beautiful and not just in the world’s eyes but the Lords. Verse four is where I am really focusing the next 5 months. I see women who have a quiet and gentle spirit and I desire it. I see the peace in their eyes and the love coming from their hearts and I hope that I can have it. I love how this verse says that this is precious to God. That being gentle and quiet brings him joy and is another reason why you are precious to him, why I am precious to him. Not my clothes not what I do for him but my spirit. I want him to show me what Courtney Ann Ferda is like with a gentle and quiet spirit. I want that for myself.

I am going to be praying daily for God to help me discover this gentle and quiet spirit. For him to remind me that it is not what I look like on the outside but the inside that he cares about.

I am not sure if this touches your heart or inspires you in any way but I hope it at least reminds you that YOU are beautiful without all the fancy clothes, without the makeup, without the stunning jewelry. You are beautiful because you are YOU!



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