50 States of Fashion!!!!

114west , Montana Style , Courtney Ferda

I am so excited to share this post with you! It has been in the process for the last month and is a huge blessing to me and this blogging journey that I have embarked on.

So here is the deal! H&M selected one blogger from each state to represent them in their  “50 States of Fashion promotional contest” and they chose ME to be the sole style blogger from the lovely state of Montana. Such an awesome opportunity for 114° west.  Along with the contest H&M will  be launching their online shop in the US for the first time ever (they have only been selling overseas until TODAY) head on over and check out the site, http://www.hm.com/us/ .

So for the next month I will be posting looks from H&M and am excited to also get you involved in this cool opportunity! Part of the contest is you posting your favorite H&M clothing items and styles on Instagram.  You can tag them by state, so for example, Montana would be #HMShopOnlineMT . By doing this you get  a chance to win an online shopping spree (I know awesome right!) or a trip to New York City for Fashion Week, (click here for all contest info).   Five  winners will be selected so you have a  pretty good chance at winning and you are able to vote for yourself and your other favorite looks at this site.

I would love to see a bunch of awesome pictures from Montana and the Northwest!!! I know it can be weird to upload pictures of yourself so just make a joke about me and you should definitely tag me in it also! It is such a blessing for me to be apart of this and not only have the opportunity to blog with some of the most creative bloggers in the country but also get the chance to promote a company like H&M. When I received the email that I had been chosen I couldn’t believe it! So, even if you do not shop at H&M check out the awesome50 States of Fashion site ( you will see my face on it)!

So moving onto the clothes, this was such a fun shoot. Montana is so beautiful right now and I was able to take these pictures while enjoying a beautiful afternoon on Flathead Lake. These pants, from H&M, have a fun textural detail on the leg and could be used dressed up as a work outfit or with a leather jacket and heals out on the town. The sweater was something that stood out to me with the great star and stripe pattern and the loungy, comfy feel. Both items are very reasonable and fit very true to size.

Enjoy the pictures, comment if you want, and I hope to see lots of Intagram pictures blowing up from Montana!!  Thank you all for the support this year in getting this dream going and I am so excited to see where it goes! God has blessings for us in the most unexpected places.



114west , Montana Style , Courtney Ferda114west , Montana Style , Courtney Ferda114west , Montana Style , Courtney Ferda114west , Montana Style , Courtney Ferda114west , Montana Style , Courtney Ferda114west , Montana Style , Courtney Ferda114west , Montana Style , Courtney Ferda114west , Montana Style , Courtney Ferda114west , Montana Style , Courtney Ferda114west , Montana Style , Courtney Ferda114west , Montana Style , Courtney Ferda\114west , Montana Style , Courtney Ferda


12 thoughts on “50 States of Fashion!!!!

  1. Congratulations! I just found your blog through this contest and I love the name of your blog! Such a good idea and you live in a beautiful spot. Love the NW so much! Following on bloglovin now

  2. Just stumbled upon your blog through the H&M 50 states promotion and LOVE it!! You have gorgeous yet casual style:) I literally lost myself delving into you posts . . . oops! #westisbest

    • Thank you so much! This is such a fun way to connect with new people and I LOVE hearing about people checking it out and loving it! thanks for your words of encouragement!!

  3. Congrats from another Montana blogger! 🙂

    A couple of questions–does the photo have to showcase H&M clothes? Clearly we don’t have an H&M in Montana. And second, are we only allowed to upload one photo for the contest?

    • Thank you so much!!! It is fun to connect with other bloggers and see what they are up to! To answer your questions the photo does have to showcase at least one piece of H&M clothing, but your whole outfit does not have to be from H&M! And second you can upload as many pictures as you want! I am excited to see a few of them!

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