an idea on a rainbow

Hey everyone! Hope you are having a beautiful day. It is stunning here in Montana, as summer winds down we are living to the fullest the beautiful days we have left. Last night I was blessed to spend some time with a husband and wife local photography team. They are AMAZING, and I am so excited to share the pictures with you soon. So, I have wanted to share another blog post on some thoughts I have. No pictures (ok maybe a picture or two) but like my post “something a little different” I want to share something that has been on my heart. In hopes that maybe one of you needed to hear it also.

I have always had a love of rainbows, like many girls, and the science behind light hitting water and creating this beautiful color array has been intriguing to me.  A few years ago I went through a bad break up ( I know sad) but God used that in so many ways to bring me to where I am and because of it I learned about rainbows, their history, and their promise in my life. This has been on my mind again lately and thought I would share a bit of my heart with all of you.

In the bible there was a guy named Noah who God asked to build and ark (which is a really big boat). It says that Noah was a righteous man, blameless among the people of his time. That Noah walked with God. I can promise y’all  if someone was to ask my friends, “hey so what do you think about that girl Court?” that they would NOT say “oh she is blameless and righteous, defiantly a standout citizen among the people of today”. I am barely righteous on my best days and most of the time far from blameless.  But then just when we think we have no chance the bible adds in that Noah walked with God.  Noah spent days talking, singing, rejoicing and crying with God. He walked beside him through the hard times and good times.  Have I mentioned that Noah was building the arc while there was no sign of a flood, no heavy rain, not a cloud in the sky.  I imagine the days up to the flood as clear blue skies and that there were many moments of Noah looked up to the sky questioning if God was really going to bring this flood or if he was making a fool out of himself for nothing. But Noah walked closely with God and you know what people who walk closely with God do, they follow even the seemingly silly, they hope in the despairing, anticipate in the unbelievable and look into the blue skies believing in rain.

You are probably wondering what the point of this silly bible story is on a style blog. Well be patient I am getting there. After the flood came and Noah and his family had spent weeks at sea the water started to reside and he was able to land his boat on dry land. His family and the animals had been spared because of his love for the Lord and his faith in his promises.  God made a promise to Noah that day through a rainbow, I love that he used a rainbow to do this, showing his love for beauty.  God promised  Noah that day that he would never again wipe out the earth. That all things are new and he promises he will never start over again.

This really hit me in my pain and loss that God will not allow our lives to be completely overtaken and lost like the flood on the land. Our life may take new turns and seem hopeless. We may lose what is most dear to us but within that loss we will not be annihilated, we have hope. He promises us in our darkest moments that he will not wipe us out, that we will not be swept under, that his hand is holding us even when we feel alone.  He promises us that if we look up in the clouds after a storm we will see a rainbow. That if we look into the storm we are experiencing and allow God to work his beautiful hands in it we will see that rainbow. The rainbow of hope and promise.  I need that promise, that covenant, in my life. I need the hope of a rainbow.  So tomorrow when life feels lonely and dark, when I look out and see only the never ending ocean. I will look to the sky, and see the vibrant lovely colors of the rainbow. And if I don’t see it right away I will search till I do. Because God promised a rainbow, and all we can do is hope, and trust that it is coming even when it feels lost.

Not sure where you are today maybe you need to know he promises to take care of you and hold you up, maybe you are right in the middle of the most blessed time in your life. Wherever you are know he loves you and desires you.

I hope you all have a beautiful day and send me a email if you want! I love hearing from you and knowing about your life.



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